As a researcher with an archival practice, Rianna has been responsible for assembling, cataloguing and managing valuable collections of historical information for artists and institutions. Working with a wide variety of public and private sector organisations to appraise and oversee collections of artwork, ephemera and heritage items accessible to the public, she actively supports the research, acquisition and presentation of modern and contemporary Black art with a specialist knowledge of transnational Caribbean culture.

Back and Song (2019)
Elissa Blount Moorhead and Bradford Young

Archival Researcher
Back and Song was a meditative four-channel film and art installation by filmmakers Elissa Blount Moorhead and Bradford Young, produced by Philadelphia Contemporary and Thomas Jefferson University. This kaleidoscopic installation reflected on the manner in which health and wellness are part and parcel of the American black experience from cradle to grave. Back and Song considered the labor and care provided by generations of black healers—doctors, nurses, midwives, morticians, therapists, and health aides—and their histories of contributions to, and resistance of the flawed and discriminatory structures of Western medicine.

Black to Techno (2019)
Jenn Nkiru

The 20-minute documentary Black to Techno is a stunning snapshot of the Detroit techno scene that reclaims the black origins of the genre's innovative spirit and soul. Directed by British filmmaker Jenn Nkiru, the film was commissioned by Frieze and Gucci as part of their Second Summer of Love series.

Rebirth is Necessary (2017)
Jenn Nkiru

Assistant Researcher
For the final episode of Black Star, which sees rising directors share their vision of the future of the black experience on screen, British-Nigerian filmmaker Jenn Nkiru pieces together dreamlike portraits with stunning archival footage that includes Afrofuturism pioneer Sun Ra and revolutionary organization the Black Panther Party.

System (2018)
Boiler Room

Archival Researcher
Boiler Room and Somerset House Studios artist Gaika collaborated on ‘System’, a sound system culture installation. Marking 70 years of Windrush, the month-long installation explores sound systems and Notting Hill Carnival’s heritage beyond the borders of West London at Somerset House. The audio visual installation is made up of curated archive material from institutions, such as Black Cultural Archives and the BFI.